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Minimal styling but maximal expressiveness and strength

Crossover styling under the concept of “Simple & Iconic” . The aim of the design is to make a strong impression at first sight, while keeping the structural elements of design, such as the lines, surfaces and curves extremely simple.

Design heritage

In every aspect, the exterior of the new Ignis carries on the legacy of traditional Suzuki design elements, while modernizing them at the same time.

The C-pillar slits (Front Coupe)

The C-pillar slits make the sporty impression of the model stand out. This is inherited from Fronte Coupe, the first Japanese mini sports car sold in Japan.

The headlamps placed in the front grille (First Cervo)

The headlamps placed in the front grille give the car a striking head-on appearance. This is inherited from first-generation Cervo, a mini sports car.

Black-out A/B pillars (Swift)

The black-out A/B pillars accentuate the exterior and also help tighten up the overall image. This is inherited from previous generation Swift, a car designed to be a world strategic model.

The clamshell-shaped bonnet and fender garnish (Vitara)

The clamshell-shaped bonnet and fender garnish are now elements of Suzuki SUV design. This is inherited from the first-generation Vitara.

Simple & Iconic design, with added quality and dynamism

Inside and out, the design consists of simple lines and surfaces. The adoption of simple yet uniquely designed functional components gives the Ignis a cabin space that has real personality. The design combines a high-quality atmosphere with the dynamism of a crossover vehicle.

Luggage space with adjustable capacity to fit your luggage

The 50:50-split sliding rear seats can be folded down from the luggage side as well; folding down the seat backs makes it possible to arrange the space for various kinds of luggage.

Excellent driving performance gives you an exciting ride to your destination

1.2 dualjet engine incorporates an unique injection system that greatly improves thermal efficiency by increasing the compression ratio. It provides a high-level balance between powerful driving and excellent fuel efficiency for a compact engine

allgrip auto

allgrip auto is the optimal 4WD system, gives the driver peace of mind in everyday driving, especially when driving on slippery roads or snowy surfaces. With the viscous coupling four-wheel drive system, torque is automatically distributed to the rear wheels when it detects the front wheel losing its grip of the road.

SHVS Mild Hybrid System

Equipped with mild hybrid system—the SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) — which offers dramatically improved mileage and a more comfortable ride. The SHVS system is composed of an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG)—a generator with a motor function—that assists the engine and a highly efficient lithium-ion battery with excellent charging and power supply performance.

A new-generation platform that contributes to fuel efficiency and comfortability

The quality of the ride is determined by the automobile’s framework. The smooth, continuous shape of the Ignis chassis secures high rigidity while dramatically reducing reinforcing members and weight. Adopting this new-generation platform contributes to outstanding fuel efficiency and a dramatically improved sense of stability and solidity that belies the vehicle’s compact body. Minimising the size of the engine compartment space also secures room for a comfortable interior

Advanced safety technology brings peace of mind to your everyday driving

The ignis is equipped with two cameras that like the human eye can gauge the distance and shape of objects ahead. From their size and shape, it can detect vehicles, pedestrians and even lanes on the road. Three cutting-edge safety features harness the camera: Dual Camera Brake Support(DCBS), lane departure warning function and weaving alert function

Dual Camera Brake Support (DCBS)


When the system decides there is the potential for a collision, it provides a warning through a buzzer and a light on the meter panel.
2.Automatic light brake
If the risk of collision increases, the car automatically initiates soft braking in addition to warnings to encourage the driver to evade collision.
3.Brake assist
If the driver applies the brake while the warning brake function is engaged, the brake assist function engages for more powerful braking
4.Automatic brake
When the system decides that a collision is inevitable if things continue unchecked, it initiates strong braking automatically in an eff ort to avoid collision or mitigate damage.

Lane departure warning function

When the vehicle is departing the lane without use of the turn signal by the driver, the system produces a steering-wheel vibration and provides a warning through a light on the meter panel to draw attention to lane departures caused by factors such as inattention to the road.

Weaving alert function

When the vehicle is weaving from side to side within the lane, the system provides a warning using a buzzer and a light on the meter panel. This draws the driver’s attention to weaving caused by drowsiness or other factors.


Model name Ignis
Engine Petrol
Drive system 2WD 4WD 2WD 4WD
Overall length mm 3,700
Overall width mm 1,660-1,690 1,690 1,660-1,690 1,690
Overall height mm 1,595
Wheelbase mm 2,435
Tread Front mm 1,460
Rear mm 1,470 1,460 1,470 1,460
Minimum turning radius*1 m 4.7
Minimum ground clearance mm 180
Seating capacity persons Fixed rear seat: 5, Sliding rear seat: 4
Fuel tank capacity litres 32 30 32 30
Type K12C
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves 16
Piston displacement cm3 1,242
Bore x stroke mm 73.0 x 74.2
Compression ratio 12.5
Maximum output kW / rpm 66 / 6,000
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 120 / 4,400
Fuel distribution Multipoint injection
Type 5MT AGS 5MT 5MT 5MT
Gear ratio 1st 3.545 3.545 3.545 3.545 3.545
2nd 1.904 1.904 1.904 1.904 1.904
3rd 1.240 1.240 1.240 1.240 1.240
4th 0.914 0.906 0.914 0.914 0.914
5th 0.717 0.696 0.717 0.717 0.717
Reverse 3.272 3.272 3.272 3.272 3.272
Final gear ratio 4.294 4.705 4.470 4.294 4.470
Steering Front Rack & pinion
Brakes Front Ventilated disc
Rear Drum, leading and trailing
Suspension Front MacPherson strut with coil spring
Rear Torsion beam with coil spring 3-link rigid axle with coil spring Torsion beam with coil spring 3-link rigid axle with coil spring
Tyres 175 / 65R15, 175 / 60R16
Kerb weight (min. / with full option) kg 810 / 855 830 / 865 870 / 905 835 / 870 885 / 920
Gross vehicle weight kg 1,330
environmental performance
Maximum speed*1 km / h 170 170 165 170 165
0-100 km / h*1 sec 12.2 12.2 11.9 11.8 11.5