Get ready for an appearance beaming with strength and energy. Characterised by the Vitara’s bold styling, stealing the spotlight wherever you go. Defined by the Vitara’s authentic design always on the lookout for on- and off-road discoveries. Charge your drive with a vigorous outer impression – and elevate your senses with the inner refinement of a full-grown SUV.



Getting into the Vitara is like entering a refined world full of high-quality materials. Offering a space where you find every button, switch and dial in its natural place.
Enjoy an interior that you are never quite ready to leave.



A companion up for all endeavours: Befriend a multi-purpose performer embracing the most challenging surfaces and weather conditions. Powered by torqueful and efficient BOOSTERJET engines.
Equipped with a unique ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive system. Fuelled by the authentic Suzuki SUV-genes: effortless joy behind the wheel enhanced by maximum grip at all times.

New 1.0 BOOSTERJET engine

The 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine creates torque on par with those of a naturally aspirated 1.8-litre engine from only one litre of displacement, while delivering excellent fuel economy. Its direct injection system contributes to both low fuel consumption and the lowering of temperatures within the engine’s cylinders. Furthermore, the turbocharger, which forces compressed air into the cylinders, produces high engine torque even from the low-revolution range, making it suitable for a wide spectrum of driving environments, from urban and sporty driving to off-road driving.

New 1.4 BOOSTERJET engine

The new, more compact 1.4 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine enhances the torqueful driving of the Vitara. The intercooled turbocharger forces pressurised air into the cylinders and enables the engine to maximise torque in the low engine rev range, even at 2500rpm. Moreover, the wastegate valve controls turbo boost pressure by opening or closing the gate, dramatically quickening response and lowering fuel consumption. The direct-injection system further enhances fuel efficiency by optimizing control of the amount, timing and pressure of injected fuel in direct fuel injection. In addition, a short port intake manifold and exhaust manifold integrated with cylinder head allow for a light, compact engine design and faster acceleration.


“A vehicle that can take on rough roads and go places that cars couldn’t go in the past.” With this philosophy, our first four-wheel drive model was developed in 1970. This was the start of ALLGRIP, Suzuki’s renowned four-wheel drive technology. Our 4WD technology has been refined to provide drivers with even more excitement, pleasure and reassurance. With ALLGRIP in your Vitara, you can expand your range of activities and enhance your diverse lifestyles.



The Vitara is about more than just great looks. It’s got plenty of brains, too. Packed with state-of-the-art technologies, driver and passengers can be sure to be assisted, protected and entertained at all times.


The Vitara features Suzuki’s advanced forward detection system which uses the combination of a monocular camera and a laser attached to the windscreen. Combining a monocular camera, which excels at mid-to-long distance detection and recognition of such traffic elements as pedestrians and lane markers, and a laser sensor, which excels at short-distance and night-time detection, can achieve superb safety.

Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS)

When moving, the Vitara uses two sensors — a monocular camera and a laser sensor to determine if there is a risk of collision with a forward vehicle or pedestrian. Upon detecting a potential collision, the vehicle acts in one of the following three ways, depending on the situation.

Traffic sign recognition

This system uses the monocular camera to monitor the road for traffic signs. When it detects road signs such as speed limits or no passing zones, it displays the sign on the meter display to help remind the driver which road signs the car has passed. When multiple signs are detected, a maximum of three signs can be displayed at once.

Blind spot monitor

Lane changing at speeds above 15 km/h is made safer by two rear mounted side radar sensors capable of detecting vehicles located in or approaching the rear blind spots on either side of the vehicle. When a vehicle is approaching or detected in a rear blind spot, a warning LED icon is illuminated in the relevant exterior mirror. If the driver indicates to change lanes, a flashing LED icon is accompanied by a warning sound alert.

Rear cross traffic alert

At speeds of up to 8 km/h whilst in reverse, the vehicle uses two rear mounted side radar sensors to assist the driver by alerting them of approaching vehicles on either side of the vehicle when reversing out of car parking spaces. If a vehicle is detected, the driver is given both a visual alert on the multi information display and a warning sound alert. This assists the driver to manoeuvre more safely out of parking spaces where vision is obscured on either or both sides of the vehicle.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

When there is a vehicle in front, the Adaptive Cruise Control system uses millimetre-wave radar technology designed to automatically maintain vehicle-to-vehicle distance in line with the setting selected out of three possible settings. When there is no vehicle in front, the system maintains the speed (from 40 km/h) set by the driv

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go
(For 6 gear automatic transmission only)

On top of the Adaptive Cruise Control, the Stop & Go function assists in accelerating and braking for the driver whilst maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front. The Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go can even brake the car to a full stop behind a preceding vehicle and provide the driver with additional support, for example in traffic jams.








Number of doors 5
Engine Petrol
Overall length mm 4,175
Overall width mm 1,775
Overall height mm 1,610
Wheelbase mm 2,500
Tread Front mm 1,535
Rear mm 1,505
Minimum turning radius*1 m 5.2
Minimum ground clearance mm 185
Seating capacity persons 5
Luggage capacity Max.volume litres 1,120
Rear seatback folded (VDA method) litres 710
Rear seatback raised (VDA method) litres 375
Fuel tank capacity litres 47
Number of cylinders 3 4
Number of valves 12 16
Piston displacement cm3 998 1,373
Bore x stroke mm 73.0×79.5 73.0×82.0
Compression ratio 10.0 9.9
Maximum output kW / rpm 82 / 5,500 103 / 5,500
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 170 / 2,000~3,500 160/1,800~4,000 170/2,000~3,500 160/1,800~4,000 220/1,500-4,000
Fuel distribution Direct injection Direct injection
Type 5MT 6AT 5MT 6AT 6MT 6AT 6MT 6AT
Steering Rack & Pinion
Brakes Front Ventilated disc
Rear Disc
Suspension Front MacPherson strut with coil spring
Rear Torsion beam with coil spring
Tyres 215/60R16, 215/55R17
Kerb weight kg 1,085-1,160 1,130-1,180 1,155-1,230 1,205-1,250 1,120-1,170 1,145-1,195 1,195-1,240 1,220-1,265
Gross vehicle weight kg 1,730 1,730