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All-purpose solution

People today on the go have many needs. They need a car that will do almost anything and extend their lifestyle possibilities – now and in the future.
The APV will meet the wide range of needs and lifestyles of its potential owners. In puts into form the performance and utility required for its markets. Every effort was made to incorporate Suzuki’s dedication to people-friendly cars and build a vehicle that would be fun to use.

Availability of equipment and features may vary between markets and grade.
Refer to the major equipment list for details of availability.

The all-purpose family van offers prestige and drivability usually reserved for higher ranked cars in addition to exciting new lifestyle possibilities. It will also be admired for attractive styling inside and out, superb ride comfort, and dependable, economical performance.
A stylish look of power and prestige puts the APV in a class all by itself.
The proud, dynamic design shows off the owner’s refined taste and active lifestyle. Round and square forms are balanced to produce a stylish yet functional form that looks good in any setting. Key design elements include a reassuring bonnet, a flowing extended silhouette, and rear side swing doors. A thick bumper and flared fenders highlight the sure roadholding ability of Suzuki models.
Smoothing forms and materials bring quality and refinement to the inside.
Subtle shading, sensible selection of materials, and gentle contours and shapes combine to create a roomy, luxurious environment free of stress. The tasteful coordination of colours adds to the overall elegance. A choice of seat and trim materials is available. The materials clearly show the grade level, helping the owners choose the grade best suited to their needs.

Utility / Layout

A Suzuki tradition; Maximising space utility within a compact body

The body is compact enough for handling and parking ease, yet it houses a spacious interior and flat floor that are big on comfort and utility. Unlike many others, the APV is a genuine eight-seater van. Its third row was designed for three adults to sit in comfort. Many others cannot have this kind of legroom or space, particularly for the second- and third-row passengers. The driver also enjoys wide clearance between the seat and the door.
All occupants will enjoy the practical layout. The seat positions, angles, and sizes as well as their heights are precisely tuned for comfort. The high positions of the waistlines give the driver and passengers a great view. The driving environment will instantly feel familiar to all drivers. The steering wheel is comfortably angled toward the driver, and the pedals and levers are naturally positioned.
Numerous measures provide the comfort level of a higher ranked car. Many more anti-heat, anti-noise, and anti-vibration measures realise a new standard of calm and comfort for Suzuki- and for others to copy. Features to reduce heat include a front radiator and air tunnel, and to reduce vibrations, a larger air cleaner and a larger silencer.

The engine and transmission are tuned to meet the exact the needs of the users, and many local tests were done to ensure that they did. The economical, dependable powertrain generates the low-end torque needed for quick starts in stop-and-go urban traffic or for sure performance over rough, unpaved roads.
The chassis is engineered and proven to withstand punishing conditions as well as offer smooth, stable handling in expectation of its potential uses. Long tracks and wheelbase turn in good handling characteristics to make the most of the natural-feeling power steering and precision tuning of the upgraded suspensions.

Heading the long list of safety features is the TECT body, which controls and redirects collision energy. The nose acts as a buffer and the front crush zone crumples progressively and predictably, for a larger margin of safety. The high positions of the front and rear lamps provide better all-round visibility and reduce the chance of them being damaged in a minor collision.


Model name APV
Body Type Multi Purpose Vehicle
Engine Petrol
1.5L 1.6L
Drive system 2WD
Number of doors 5
Overall length mm 4,155-4,230
Overall width mm 1,655
Overall height mm 1,860-1,880
Wheelbase mm 2,625
Tread Front/Rear mm 1,435/1,435
Minimum turning radius m 4.9
Minimum ground clearance mm 180-190
Seating capacity persons 2/7/8
Fuel tank capacity litres 46
Type G15A (1,493) G16A (1,590)
Valve arrangement SOHC-16V SOHC-16V
Maximum output kW / rpm 67-68/6,000 68.0/5,750
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 122-126/3,000 127/4,500
Fuel distribution Multipoint injection
Type 5MT/4AT
Brakes(Front) Ventilated disc
Brakes(Rear) Drum, leading & trailing
Suspension(Front) MacPherson strut & coil spring
Suspension(Rear) Rigid axle with leaf spring/3-link rigid axle with coil spring
Tyres 185/80R14
Kerb weight M/T (min.)/(with full options) kg 1,140-1,340
Kerb weight A/T (min.)/(with full options) kg 1,300-1,340
Gross vehicle weight kg 1,950

Availability of equipment and features may vary between markets and grade.
Refer to the major equipment list for details of availability.

*Total volume with luggage area underfloor compartment.